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A married woman created Find New Passion to give other married folks a window into another life.If they like what they see, they can dive in and ask someone out on a date.“Your privacy is our utmost concern, and our service is unmatched in the dating industry,” Hanna said.“We have no tolerance for scammers or any scamming activity.” Find New Passion’s Anti-Scam Policy states that anyone representing themselves dishonestly or threatening the safety of users will be removed from the site.It’s a place to test the waters and take things slowly.Individuals in a relationship can go at their own pace and stay in their comfort zones as they browse for dates and chat with people.

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“Our first obligation is to our members, building a safe and secure environment for cultivating some fun and some meaningful relationships.” Hanna said.“All our members are real people looking for a little something that is currently missing in their lives.” Find New Passion members have often thought long and hard about what they want, and they’ve decided to look into an affair because they want to feel the butterflies, the thrill, and the fulfillment of a loving relationship. It’s about reaching toward a better life with the right partner.These members, for obvious reasons, often highly value discretion, and Find New Passion goes to great lengths to ensure users can anonymously browse for dates and explore their options.“Today, Find New Passion’s mission remains the same: to have a high quality safe site which we would want to use ourselves,” Hanna said.A majority of Find New Passion members hail from the US, but the site also reaches English-speaking countries around the world, including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

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