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Though he never amounted to what many thought he could become, Colon was a relatively successful mid-card superstar. Michael Cole has informed the viewers on several occasions that Mc Gillicutty took his mother's maiden name as his ring name. One of the most disgusting wrestlers of all time also has one of the most disgusting names of all time.Luckily, he was known for most of his career as Carlito, even though he debuted as Carlito Caribbean Cool. Michael Mc Gillicutty seemingly has everything it takes to be a future WWE Champion. How can you make a name more gross than by putting the word "booger" in it?I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed, the Amish or the organizations who allowed Michael Depoli to use this name.Depoli usually dressed in traditional Amish attire, and even sported the sweet beard to complete the outfit, which makes me wonder where the "Roadkill" part of his name comes in.If the gimmick looks familiar, it's also a character played by Andre 3000 in the movie, Now known as Sinn Bodhi in Chikara, Nick Cvjetkovich spent a few months on Smack Down as Kizarny, a carny who spoke in carny talk (adding z's in the middle of words) and came to the ring while creepy carnival music played.

Sometimes the names can even make or break the career of a superstar.

Jonathan Rechner is one of the most memorable characters from ECW. Before he was speaking out against the conspiracy and blaming spiders and Little Jimmy for his downfalls, R-Truth had a brief stint in WWE as K-Kwik and even held the Hardcore Title on several occasions. Ed Leslie was a prominent superstar in the mid to late '80s.

His outlandish outfits, tattoos, piercings and of course, his name, keep him stuck in your memory. Though his current and other past names, including K-Krush and K. But hey, he's continued to move up the ladder in WWE, so maybe R-Truth is good for now. He had prominent feuds with the likes of Greg Valentine, The Honky Tonk Man, Randy Savage and he was the first wrestler to pin Mr. Even if you take out his nickname "The Barber," Leslie still has one of the craziest names in WWE history.

He has the gimmick of a lumberjack, complete with beard, jeans, flannel vest, and suspenders. Standing only 5'3", he's far from anything resembling a redwood.

Sure, it's irony, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous. made a big splash in WWE when he first arrived, defeating John Cena for the United States Championship in his first televised match.

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