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The Coffee (talk) , (UTC) There's a lot of flexibility in the Settlement infobox..-- Four years ago I made Template: Infobox Philippine city and Template: Infobox Philippine municipality.Today these infoboxes are looking very limited by Wikipedia's standards, and their scope overlaps with Template: Infobox Settlement which is used for most other world cities. would it be better if we faze out the Philippine city infobox in favor using the general Settlement one? Alas Junior Alastair Lane Alasteezie Alavux Al-BAlba Antabus Alba Heidari Albanish People Albatros Albee Albek Alberich Albert Alonso Albert Aponte Albert Chiovenda Albert Ess Albert Fix Albert Hawtkins Albert Herka Albert Hipman Albert Imhof Albert Keyn Albert Kokotec Albert Kraner Albert Ldj Albert Marzinotto Albert Neve Albert Psycho Albert Rodriguez Albert Romero Albert Saiko Albert Salvatierra Albert Schwartz Albert Stone Albert Swarm Albert Tight Albert van Abbe Albert Williams Albert Wolf Alberta Balsam Alberth Alberth Cassava Albertine Sarges AlbertöAlberto Ballesteros Alberto Balsalm Alberto Beltra Alberto 'Beto' Uña Alberto Bologna Alberto Brichuk Alberto Campisi Alberto Candini Alberto Caput Alberto Cardeñosa Alberto Casallo Alberto Cicuendez Alberto Codeluppi Alberto Cristian Alberto DCAlberto Drago Alberto Drago (IT)Alberto Ena Alberto Exposito Alberto Gerardi Alberto Jossue Alberto Kano Alberto Martín Alberto Milani Alberto Ortega Alberto RAlberto Rizzo Alberto Ruiz Alberto Sabatini Alberto Santana Alberto Santizzo Alberto Segador Alberto Skanka Alberto Sola Alberto Sotto Alberto Sparta Alberto Stocco Alberto Tolo Alberto Tolo & Matthew Skud Alberton Alberty Albi Bello Albin Albin Kaczka Albina Mango Albino Albino Sound Albinos Albion forever Albion Venables Albiovix Al Bird Albors Albotron Albrecht La'Brooy Albrecht Lorenz Albrecht Wassersleben ALBTAlby Plex Alcala Alcane Alcarcia Alcatraz Harry Alcatriz Alcazar Alche Beat Alchemi Alchemic Harm Alchemist Alchemist (FR)Alchemist Oficial Alchemyst Alci Alcon Moroney Al Conti Aldanya Aldebaran Aldee Alden Tyrell Alder Alderaan Aldo Aldo BAldo Cadiz Aldo Conigliaro Aldo Dee Aldo Del Rey Aldo Demark Aldo Gargiulo Aldo Morro Aldo Ron Sanchez Aldous Perevzky Aldrin Ale Baigorri Ale Castro Ale DAle Doretto Ale Ghidini Ale Grance Ale Hop Ale Kis Ale Lucato Ale Marquez Ale Menghi Ale Reis Ale Rizzi Ale Sab Ale Salles Ale Scocco Ale The Biscuit Ale Togni Ale Verros Ale Zaccaria Aleah Axiom Aleator Alebon Alec Araujo Alec Attari Alec Ben Alec Chizhik Alec Empire Alec Falconer Alec Function Alec Judge Alec Pace Alec Pritchard Alec Raw Alec Soren Alec Tronik Alec Troniq Alec Trusk Alecante Alecek Alecia Hanna Alecid Alecs Alecs Marta Alecx Boheme Aled Aleebra Aleeeeeks Aleexe Alego Alegria Aleh Team ALEIGHTAlej Varez Aleja Sanchez Alejandra Sabillón Alejandro Aléjandro Alejandro (2)Alejandro Alvarez Alejandro Caro Alejandro Castelli Alejandro Cheleros Alejandro Cuestas Alejandro Dengra Alejandro Echeverria Alejandro Fernandez Alejandro Franco Alejandro Is Alejandro Lopez Alejandro Manso Alejandro Martinez Alejandro Marz Alejandro Matheu Alejandro Molinari Alejandro Mosso Alejandro Ortiz Alejandro Palazon Alejandro Paz Alejandro Peinador Alejandro Romero Alejandro Serrano Alejandro Tomsic Alejandro Velez Alejandro Vivanco Alejo Alejo Galvez Alejo Gonzalez Alejo Lebe Alejo Muriel Alek Alek Boskovic Alek Lee Alek SAlek Sanderkane Alek Sane Alek Soltirov Alek XAleka Metaxa Alekio Alekk Aleko Tersa Aleks Aleks Legba Aleks Noto Aleks Patz Aleks Schatten Aleks. One Alam ALAM (UY)Alamaison Alampa Alán Alan (UA)Alan Backdrop Alan Badger Alan Banks Alan Belshaw Alan Blancato Alan Blink Alan Braxe Alan Carter Alan Castro Alan Cross Alan Crown Alan Culvin Alan Dobson Alan Doe Alan Epps Alan Fitzpatrick Alan Ford Alan Fortis Alan Fraze Alan Grant Alan Hash Alan Howarth Alan KAlan Leal Alan Lockton Alan Lockwood Alan Mac Pherson Alan Martinez Alan Mies Alán Miracles Alan Morehouse Alan Nieves Alan Ospina Alan Pinheiro Alan Prosser Alan Sommerville Alan Stenback Alan Thompson Alan Turrubiarte Alan Van Kowski Alan1Alaria Alarke Alarma!

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