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On March 27, 2013, it was reported that NBC was considering plans for a spin-off of Chicago Fire.

Deadline revealed that the proposed spin-off would involve the Chicago Police Department, and would be created and executive produced by Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, and Matt Olmstead.

It is a place we call home, and a place where we care about our neighbors and their future.

Actually, I'm born and raised in Chicago-- grew up on the south side of Chicago.

So ever since I was a little girl and I knew that I wanted to be a doctor, I knew that I wanted to work here.

Research and the basic sciences are a big part of what UChicago Medicine is all about.

Watch Video Watch Video With Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] The neighborhood of Hyde Park in South Chicago is the home of the University of Chicago.

UChicago Medicine is based in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and includes the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Pritzker School of Medicine, and the biological sciences division.

Today, UChicago Medicine has expanded beyond the campus to include Ingalls Memorial, a community-based hospital and outpatient facility in Harvey, Illinois, and dozens of outpatient clinics in downtown Chicago, the south suburbs, and Northwest Indiana.

A very deep-seated part of our culture is to question, and to challenge, and not to take for granted. And people know that when you come to the University of Chicago, that's expected so that even though things may have been done a certain way for the last 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, , you have to figure out, is there a better way to do it?

The reason to come to University of Chicago Medicine is we offer not only just innovative therapies for patients, novel therapies for patients, you will get a view into tomorrow's therapies here today to take care of you.

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