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In the experiment, reverse osmosis system with ozone-UVC reactor proves to be good enough in producing high quality drinking water.

Investigation of impact phenomena on the marine structures: Part II - Internal energy of the steel structure applied by selected materials in the ship-ship collision incidents A R Prabowo, S J Baek, S G Lee, D M Bae and J M Sohn Phenomena of impact loads on the marine structures has attracted attention to be predicted regarding its influences to structural damage.

This situation pushes society to demand sustainable investigation for impact phenomena on water transportation mode to update understanding in the phenomenon and ensure structural safety during ship operation.

This work aimed to study structural behaviour of chemical tanker as a marine structure under impact, namely ship grounding.

The results showed that all aspects of traits together with aspects 'need for rules and supervision' affect social intelligence.

Furthermore, social intelligence factor with cognitive factors influence wellbeing of the students in the process of SGD.

Damage extent of several structural members during the crushing process was shown, which concluded that the bottom plating had the largest severity in forms of tearing mode among of all members on the bottom structure.

In addition, The use of fossil energy can cause several environmental problems.International Joint Conference on Science and technology –IJCST 20176 in Nusa Dua Bali-Indonesia 27-28 September 2017.This conference is multidisciplinary including engineering and social science and hope can dedicate a positive contribution to science and technology development.This part demands sustainable analysis and observation as tendency may vary from one to others since impact involves various scenario models and the structure itself experiences continuous development.Investigation of the damage extent can be conducted by observation on the energy behaviour during two entities involve in a contact.

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