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He openly wept during an exclusive interview with The Repository from his home."A source close to Cutts told The Repository Saturday that Cutts said he asked a female friend help him remove Davis' body from her home.

Cutts reportedly said Davis’ death was not his doing, but he thought no one would believe him and decided to hide the body.

He also said that he did not call 911 because Davis didn't have a telephone in her house and he didn't know how to turn on her cell phone.

The jury, in its penalty phase, declined to impose the death penalty.

Under the terms of her plea agreement, Ferrell was sentenced to two years in prison—a sentence that may be lengthened unless Ferrell testifies honestly at the trial of Cutts.

The judge said he would consider releasing Ferrell on probation after one year. On February 11, Cutts took the stand and described Davis' death.

The first reliable website to pin down the widely reported rumor that Cutts had assisted in locating the body of Davis was that of America's Most Wanted: "AMW sources have confirmed that Bobby Cutts Jr., Jessie's boyfriend and the father of her 2-year-old son Blake, led law enforcement to the body." The post-mortem was performed by the Summit County authorities (as this is where the body was recovered).

Her body was reported to be in an "advanced state of decomposition".

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Cutts testified that he tried to resuscitate Davis after she became unconscious.

The arrangements were handled by the Silva-Hostetler Funeral Home, both in the Akron area.

Her mother, Patricia Porter, said at the service that her daughter had been a committed God-fearing person after doing overseas missionary work, but at some point "she took a wrong turn somewhere." Porter said her daughter realized in church a few weeks ago that she needed to reform her life.

Cutts was a police officer in the Canton, Ohio, Police Department, and the father of Davis' son and unborn daughter.

The Canton Police Department, which had not considered Cutts a suspect, did not participate in the arrest, which was executed by the FBI and the local Sheriffs department.

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