Asus m2n sli deluxe problem updating bios datingtree com

Is there any difference between the following metods of resetting BIOS (clearing CMOS) settings: 1) inside BIOS, using option Load Optimized Defaults (or, if appickable, load fail-safe defaults) 2) at the back of the motherboard, pressing Clear CMOS" button 3) on the motherboard, using the (CLRTC) jumper 4) on the motherboard, reseating (not a typo, for non-english speakers) the CMOS battery 5) reflashing BIOS using the same version (havent tried if possible, but just in theory)?

By the way, after flashing a newer BIOS, is there a need to load optimized defaults and then start setting everything up from there?

No issues here, was just wondering, however, I'd like to use this opportunity to point out a few of my discoveries on and slightly off the topic: 1) in BIOS version 1408 clearing CMOS deletes O. Profiles, but in version 1604 they stay there (using methods 1) and 2), didn't test out others) 2) RAID settings seem to be written on the first disk in the array, resetting CMOS does not clear RAID, it has to be done in RAID utility 3) selecting Gamer's OC Profile resets all other BIOS settings, which might be a bug, or a feature : P 4) on a rare occasion restarting Windows 8 resets some BIOS settings (under BOOT tab, Option ROM Messages goes back to Force BIOS and delay back to 3 seconds). Have happened to me some times where the computer wouldn't boot when setting default but would boot after clearing CMOS.

If you flash your BIOS with a new version the BIOS will be set to optimized default.

Yet this just morning the team made a huge discovery.

We found a version header relationship between the AGESA and MEMINIT, which is a huge step forward for the ASUS AM3 project and other CPU upgrades for AMD.

The 32GB bug in Award BIOS prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB as the BIOS hangs at detection.

The 64GB bug manifests itself as a hang at the configuration table.

For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.Click on the to download the requested Asus bios update.Award BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Award BIOS.Hi The Wiz, first of all, I think you can put x6 to work in M2N32SLI, I'm so excited to see that I'm almost running BIOS updating without even having bought the processor, but I have some questions: 1) I dont have the x6, the bios will still work on my Athlon 64 3200?If so if I buy and put x6 will recognize it immediately? 4) The Crash Free code is positioned at what address?

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