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To those who get the "access denied" message: Make sure you have full access to your SC2 installation folder. Link: Relocalizer.v1.3.6If there is anything that does not work for you, please let me know. Download Address: Relocalizer.v1.3.0.zipv1.2.1 is up! Link: Relocalizer.v1.2.1The email error feature helped a lot!If you get errors about "access denied", please make sure that your Windows account has full access to your SC2 folder. It has been all day and I hope there won't be any more bugs.. Link: Relocalizer.v1.3.1It fixes the error that i just had.. I found a lot of errors that might be just user error.Put the relocalizer at the SC2 installation folder.2. You should be able to see a warning message, hit "yes" to proceed4.It should properly read in your settings, if the settings are correct. Future update:within the next week, I will get the relocalizer to work with the Hot S client.(Text is still using whatever you relocalize to, just like R1CH's program)3.The program backs up the files it changed, up to 5 versions. As far as I concern, R1CH's program does not offer back ups.4.Here is where you can change your language in the new Wo L client. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot a lot during the run. Windows Version Link: Relocalizer.v2.0.0Old stable version: Relocalizer.v1.1.1Mac Version Link: Relocalizer Mac.v0.0.1Since there is just way too many little bugs to fix, I decided to re-write the whole program.If you have v1.1.1, and don't need the new language change, you can keep using! Link: Relocalizer.v1.1.1Here I present you a cleaner version of Relocalizer, version 2.0.0!

So I enjoy playing in EU and KR to get my skills honed.Windows side will be slowed down a bit, but hopefully not by much. Fixed a bug where if there is no ping returned, the program will crash (thanks existor and his friend for sharing the information)v0.3.0 is up! Essentially it is pinging to the logon servers (for example, KR -I started to add unit tests to my program so that I can verify everything is working properly as I add in new stuff. Earlier I did not have any tests on my program and it had some small issues here and there, now with test cases covered, we should see fewer and fewer bugs soon! Fixed an issue where .and are not updated properly sometimes. So right now it takes slightly longer to fire up the relocalizer, but trust me, it is worth it.3.Someone asked me if I can store the logon email address for different locale, I thought about it, and feel like I should not do it because of security reasons. It would be a neat feature to have tho.v1.1.0 is up! Link: Relocalizer.v0.3.0New features:1. Added a menu bar, so I put an about page for links to this TL page and my project page on Git Hub Added the icon provided by Existor. Now these files will be updated to the locale you choose correctly (Essentially it targeted the update and the launcher to a wrong locale, now it is fixed )v0.0.3(.1)1. Right now the relocalizer will check if you have the asset installed.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service. Now the patch 2.0.4 is live, I will not be maintaining the software, because you can relocalize your client however way you want with the brand new launcher options.

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