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Free rides down to building one although we just walked since it was across the parking lot. Breakfast was great with lots of choices and plenty of room to sit.Visiting Deadwood in the winter is a nice option for a quiet break, there is much less partying happening. Visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a fantastic look at the countries history, drawing in over 2 million tourists annually.The town is still host to a number of concerts, and becomes a base for exploring the area’s many winter activities. Most of these visitors come to the memorial park during the warm summers, when the areas around the memorial are open for hiking, making this a scenic trip.

Historic Deadwood, SD is just as wild today as it was when legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock roamed the streets.

South Dakota is home to beautiful scenery, quirky towns and plenty to do, and Deadwood and Mount Rushmore in winter will not disappoint!

Everyone has heard of Mount Rushmore, but not everyone knows it’s in South Dakota.

Visiting in the winter provides a different experience.

You’ll have the National Monument almost to yourself, and Deadwood will give you ghost town vibes, quite fitting for it’s former mining town status.

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