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Although the literature in the marriage and family therapy field was not written specifically for couples dealing with sex addiction problems, it is certainly relevant when the acting out has involved other partners, lies, and betrayal.Some authors stress the importance of honesty and disclosure (Brown, 1991; Pittman, 1989; Subotnik & Harris, 1994 Vaughan, 1989).Other ethical situations and steps to rebuild relationships are discussed.

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The most widely used model of recovery from addiction, based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, is often interpreted as confusing.

Pittman (1989), for example, advises, “Couples need not tell each other every detail of their activity and every thought that goes through their heads, but they do have to tell each other the bad news. She also observes that time and support for the partner is necessary.

It often takes longer sessions or more sessions of therapy to help the partner express her or his anger and sadness about the infidelity before actual rebuilding of the relationship can occur.

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